professor catnip’s mini-milestone giveaway thingo!

basically of my followers will be winners and will all recieve a cosplay jacket/hoodie of your choice from those listed above (Iwatobi, SnK, Hitman Reborn, Kill la Kill, Dangan Ronpa, One Piece etc etc) or if you turn out to be one of the winners, you can ask for pretty much anything in a similliar price-range and i’ll try and find something for you!

  • just reblog this post to enter! You can like/reblog as many times as you want. The more you reblog, the more entries you put in the draw (just be conscious of your own followers if/when people by spamming this post multiple times at once yeah)
  • the only other rule I have is that you gotta be following me, as this is a give-away strictly for the followers that i have (and appreciate highly)
  • shipping is international yo, but you gotta be willing to give me an address to send it to (as well as the size and actual item that you want)
  • basically i’ll buy them online and ship them straight to you like woah it’s that easy
  • it’d also be so rad if you could upload some photos and stuff of you wearing it after you get them and inform me so i can see, okay! (but that’s not compulsory, of course)
  • I should be doing the random draw by the end of July 2014 so get in quick, yeah
  • Good luck!

I was tagged by manlyshedwarf

1-Do you prefer films or books? Books!

2-What’s your favourite word? Peasant

3-What’s your favourite sweet/candy? Sherbert lemons ^-^

4-Have you ever been to a big city? if so, which? Paris!

5-Do you prefer beaches or forests? Forests all the way!

6-What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour? Mint with chocolate chip

7-Where do you go to think? Graveyards or the shower

8-What’s your favourite TV series? Miranda

9-Which quote is you favourite? good things come in small packages (because I’m short as dicks)

10-What do you do when you need to talk to someone? Lock myself in my room and cry b/c talking to people is hard

11-How do you feel right now? Potato

I tag herpasaurus and nate-river-but-call-me-near